Exclusive Irish Launch Offer Jett Plasma Pen

To celebrate the Official Irish launch of the Jett Plasma Lift Pen, Jett Medical Ireland is offering complimentary certified training worth €2000 and 30% Discount on the RRP of the Worlds only DC Curent Plasma Pen.  

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What makes the Jett Plasma Pen different from other Pens? 

The Jett plasma pen is the ONLY direct current plasma device on the market, making it the most stable and precise worldwide.

Only the Jett plasma can offer the intensive scanning technique for a smoother, professional treatment.

A treatment performed with the Jett plasma pen reduces downtime by half compared with all A/C devices.

Only Jett plasma can offer a constant 0.1 mm dot size and is the choice of doctors & aesthetic practitioners across 68 countries.

Manafactured in the eu, Jett plasma offers 8 intensity settings, for more precision and control.

30% off retail price

free training


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Benifits Of Jett Plasma 

A device suitable for skin care, non-invasive blepharoplasty, wrinkle removal, stopping small capillary bleeding, removing warts, reducing symptoms of couperosis, red veins, acne, pigment spots, smoothing scars and much more.



ITS patented technology gives superior results and minimizes treatment downtime for your clients.

quality build in the E.U, OFFERING a solid support network. Full training on the device is availabLe to make sure you are getting the best results.

With 8 intensities and 5 applicator heads, ONly Jett plasma can give you SO MUCH RANGE AND 0.01mm dot sizes for better results.

precision power settings aLONGSIDE precision DC plasma BE assured that treatment protocols ARE of the HIGHEST quality for your clients.

How Technology works

Sequence of spark discharges generated by DC voltage. Spark discharges generate heat that warms the skin. Our Technology takes advantage of our patented direct current figuration in contrast to other more unstable plasma devices which discharge  AC, which is unstable, in both delivery of the spots size and precision.  DC plasma discharge makes a much smaller spot on the skin, is VERY PRECISE and the DC discharge DOES NOT DAMAGE surrounding tissues.

Dr Vincent Wong is a renowned anti-ageing specialist, working from London’s Harley Street and writing for New magazine. His clients include Michelle Keegan, Duncan James and Michelle Heaton amongst others.

Dr Vincent Wong

Brand Ambassador , Jett Medical Plasma Pen

Irish Launch Offer

Plasma Pen

Jett Medical is setting the standards in Plasma treatments with our device being the safest and most versatile device on the market due to our patented Direct Current Technology. Jett Plasma Pens are already in over 60 countries around the world.

Jett is the only company on the market that has patented technology with a Direct Current device giving the practitioner advanced stability and precision.  Jett Plasma pen also has the unique option for  the Scanning Technique and is the only device to offer a consistent dot size of 0.1mm to a controlled depth within the skin, which offers better treatment results less downtime every time, and making it the safest option.

Our contactless tip and DC technology gives us precision with a consistent spot size of 0.1mm compared to all other AC devices offering a random spot size of apx 0.4mm of spark showers. This reduces the downtime to your end client by a minimum of x4.

There are NO consumable items with Jett Plasma Pen.




30% off retail price

free training


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Need Finance? More Custom? Not a problem. 

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We have a number of easy payment finance options available with the Jett Plasma Pen. A member of our finance team will contact you with details. Please contact us and we will get right back to you with information on our finance packages. 

We are happy to arrange a private demonstration of the pen at your convenience. Visit our clinic in Clane or call to make an appointment.   

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