About Jett Medical Ireland


Jett Medical Ireland is proud to be the sole distributor for Jett Medical plasma devices in Ireland from our clinic in Clane, Co Kildare.  Manufactured in the E.U, utilizing patented technology for most reliable and professional plasma treatment.  We are the worlds only DC plasma pen and with its superior precision, we supply doctors, aesthetic practitioners & high level beauty therapists.  Even Premier PMU practitioners rely on Jett Plasma pen as their plasma pen of choice.

Working closley to the main team in the Czech Republic, we are here to act as your portal with Jett Medical Plasma Devices.  Offering two choices in plasma device, with full support and training protocols.  With regular exhibitions in the Ireland and demonstrations for the medical and aesthetic practitioners, we are here to help.

Endorsed by Dr Vincent Wong

Jett Plasma devices are used all across the UK, Scotland and Ireland for their reliability and fantastic results.  With our brand Ambassador Dr Vincent Wong, the Top Harley Street doctor the celebrities use, endorsing Jett Plasma, you know your in safe hands.

Used on across Harley street with celebrities having Jett treatments with the Quality and precision of Dr Vincent Wong and endorsed by Tracey Giles of Kensington, London, its easy to see why Jett Plasma is classed as the superior plasma pen available in the world.

The ONLY DC Plasma device is taking the Uk by storm.  Why make do with inferior products when you get the guaranteed quality and durability of a Jett Plasma Pen.

 With our Plasma pen treatments being available in the top aesthetic studios in the UK, why not get in contact and see why doctors and aesthetic practitioners are changing over to the ‘ Rolls Royce’  of Plasma Pens.

Meet Our Team 

The Jett Medical Ireland team have been working in the Irish Aesthetic and Beauty industry for well over 20 years and bring a vast knowledge of experience to the company. 

" The Jett Medical Lift pen has been a great addition to my salon business. It has created extra revenue for us and it was an easy conversion for our customers - many were curious to try it in the comfort of the salon. All were happy with the results and now have regular treatments with us. We could not be happier with the device, support and training received from Jett Medical Ireland at their premises in Stillorgan. The 3 day course certified my staff to carry out the treatments fully insured and accredited by the relevant industry bodies. Dont miss this opportunity to generate extra income for your business"

Jane Ryan

Salon Owner

Jett Medical Ireland 

Official Distributor of jett plasma devices.

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