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How Jett Plasma Easily Removes Scars

The visible marks left on your skin after the wound heals on skin surface, are known as scar. If your skin becomes injured either by an accident or from some form of surgery, then your body cells work to repair or cover the wound. The cells release...

Jett Plasma Pen Treatment Of Smokers Lines

How smoker’s line are formed What are smoker’s lines?Smoker lines are those unattractive, troublesome lines or grooves which tend to appear on the outward side on corner of lips and eventually spread around your lips and then mouth. These unappealing lines...

Why Does Skin Age?

Understanding Why the skin ages. Skin aging can change your appearance in many ways. You skin become saggy, develop wrinkles and it will become more sensitive and drier. There are many factors involved in the ageing process of skin; mainly the natural...

How Jett Plasma Beauty Technology Works

Jett Medical Plasma pen beauty technology is a revolutionary system that is extremely effective at improving skin texture and fine lines and treat signs of aging including slaggy / droopy eyelids. It is well known to improve damaged skin to make it look...

" The Jett Medical Lift pen has been a great addition to my salon business. It has created extra revenue for us and it was an easy conversion for our customers - many were curious to try it in the comfort of the salon. All were happy with the results and now have regular treatments with us. We could not be happier with the device, support and training received from Jett Medical Ireland at their premises in Stillorgan. The 3 day course certified my staff to carry out the treatments fully insured and accredited by the relevant industry bodies. Dont miss this opportunity to generate extra income for your business"

Jane Ryan

Salon Owner

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